Private LSAT Tutoring

It’s all about you.

Designed specifically for you, our Private LSAT Tutoring packages are perfect for when you can't find a course or workshop that quite fits your needs. Private LSAT Tutoring is best for students with prior experience with the LSAT--especially those who just need a few tweaks in their approach to hit their target score, or those who haven't quite been able to master a particular section.

Package Features:

  • Complimentary phone consultations in designing your package
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Package rate locked in for 6 months following enrollment
  • Package hours never expire and can be used for any service offered by JD Genius, including application consultation, law school tutoring, and even Bar Prep
Package Rates:
  • As-needed tutoring: $325/hour
  • 5-hour package rate: $300/hour
    • $1,500 in 2 payments of $750
  • 10-hour package: $275/hour
    • $2,750 in 2 payments of $1375
Contact us if you'd like to design a different package.

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