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At JD Genius, every course, book, and workshop is designed to sharpen students’ minds and instill in them the sophisticated reasoning skills necessary for top-level success at every stage of their study—and practice—of law. We know what law school requires and how to perform at the highest levels in and out of the classroom. That's why we teach students how to think like lawyers. Before they even step foot in the classroom.


I would recommend Seida’s LSAT tutoring service to any aspiring law student. Her techniques provided me with the edge I needed on the LSAT. Seida is professional, knowledgeable and concise with her work. I scored in my desired LSAT range and was accepted to my dream law school because of her guidance.

Andy H., Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

To put it simply, hiring Seida was the best investment I could have made in raising my LSAT score. Months of laboring over Powerscore books had the same impact as two sessions with Seida. She understands the logic behind the LSAT fluently, and is able to translate it in a way that allows you to understand it fluently too. Because of Seida I raised my LSAT score by several points in the final weeks leading up to the LSAT and got accepted into a top 15 school!

Tanner L., UCLA School of Law

Seida is so brilliant and clear in teaching the LSAT. She helped me raise my score significantly, and in fact, towards the end, the exam seemed fun because I was able to understand everything much more quickly. She also helped me write a killer personal statement which got me into almost every school I applied too! I’m now a 2L at Emory Law and Seida played a huge role in helping me achieve this dream!

Aggie B., Emory University School of Law

When I was preparing for the LSAT I felt like prep courses didn’t give me the opportunity to focus on specific difficulties I was personally having. When I started tutoring with Seida, she was able to help me focus on my weaknesses, perfect my strengths and improve my ability to understand the material overall. Tutoring with Seida helped me in improve my original score by 13 points in a short amount of time.

Gianna F., awarded Miami Scholars Public Interest full tuition scholarship, University of Miami School of Law

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At JD Genius, each student becomes a permanent member of the family and of a growing network of future lawyers spread across the nation. And, because classes are intentionally kept very small, JD Genius is the only law prep company that provides ongoing, personalized mentoring to students from their first day of LSAT prep to their first day at the firm.