Total LSAT Prep Course

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JD Genius's LSAT prep course is the next evolution of LSAT prep. 

Most LSAT prep courses are taught using an elementary school format: the teacher feeds students new information and then assigns homework for reinforcement. This is slow, inefficient, and ultimately ineffective; it’s also the exact opposite of the law school classroom format.

At JD Genius, you’ll read substantive lessons and do pre-classwork before class. This makes classes incredibly effective. Instead of being lost in a sea of new information, you’ll start each class with a basic understanding of the material, primed for advanced explanations, reinforcement, and practice.

Even more importantly, where traditional LSAT prep courses rush through the curriculum with little time for student questions, at JD Genius, our LSAT course is 100% student-centered.

Our class is built around the learning needs of the students - not the teaching targets of the instructor. So we'll never rush through material or cut off your questions. Instead, you'll have virtually unlimited time to get all your questions answered. We'll never run out of time because we can always add in another class session. 

At JD Genius, you'll get all the perks of a classroom setting with all the personalized attention of semi-private tutoring. We cap our live classes at 25 students, so enroll today!

Course Dates: Please click here for a list of dates and times

Course Schedule:

    • Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs (16+ classes total)
    • 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. ET (see course dates)

Course Location: 

Virtual Course via Zoom

Course Features: 

  • 5-25 students per class
  • 30+ hours of live instruction, with plenty of time for personalized attention
  • Video recordings of each class
  • All materials provided, both in print and digitally, including over 100 full-length LSATs
  • Detailed syllabus & study plan
  • Ongoing mentoring throughout your law school career
  • 20% discount on Full Service Application Consultation
  • Ongoing former-student discounts on all products & services


  • Tuition: $2,700, in 3 payments of $900
  • Enroll with $300 seat deposit

Private Tutoring Upgrade: (Contact us to enroll)

    • 5-Hour Tutoring Package (1 hr/every other week or 30 min/week): $270/hour 
    • 10-Hour Tutoring Package (1 hr/every week): $247.50/hour 

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